Katy Campbell – Pinch Me I’m Afraid I’m Going To Wake Up – Video Interview

  1 Mitch Bowmile | August 11th, 2014 | Featured, National, News, Video

The 1500 freestyle without Katie Ledecky gave way for a new National Champion in this event.Katy Campbell dropped more than 27 seconds to win the 1500 freestyle with a new best time of 16:17.59. Danielle Valley finished second with her time of 16:19.83. Lindsay Vrooman added a third place finish with her time of 16:22.83. Gillian Ryan finished fourth at 16:25.74.

Leah Smith had the fastest time out of the afternoon heats with a 16:27.37, which held up for fifth place. Kaitlin Pawlowicz finished sixth with her time of 16:28.31. She was the final swimmer under 16:30.

Isabelle Rongione finished seventh at 16:32.25 and Anina Lund was eighth at 16:36.89.


  1. Distancediva says:

    A real class act she will definetly go places and has a bright future ahead of her

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