Eve and Candace Interview Nathan Adrian (This Should Be Good)


  1. Steve Nolan says:

    Gaaaah I want to be so mean, but for some reason…not gonna.

    Constructive criticism, maybe? Didn’t love the audio cutting out whenever those randomly interspersed pictures showed up; kept thinking the video froze on me. (But maybe that’s because I wasn’t always watching the video.)

  2. swimfan25 says:

    I really enjoyed that! Great job ladies.

  3. That was awesome! I love them…

  4. itslikethat says:

    All this shows is what a good sport Nathan is.

  5. Peeterdeeter says:

    You’re such a champ Nathan. Endless patience you have.

  6. anonymous says:

    I love how shy Eve gets when she’s around the swimmers. lol so adorable! Candace is hilarious as always. These two really have that perfect dynamic–and are both incredibly witty. Love them!!

  7. liquidassets says:

    That was fun! I’d like to see Eve and Candace interviews for all the national team.

  8. LiquidAss says:

    Why do these girls think they can offer styling tips to Nathan? He is absolutely perfect the way he is.

  9. WHOKNOWS says:

    Olympic gold-medal swimmer Nathan Adrian was named Male Amateur Sports Star of the Year at the 78th annual Seattle Sports Star of the Year banquet Friday. Adrian, a Bremerton native, was not in attendance, but his parents, Jim and Cecilia, accepted the award. They thanked his coaches, in particular, for having “a huge influence in his life.”

    Ariana Kukors was nominated for Female Amateur Sports Star of the Year. Olympic gold-medal rower Mary Whipple was named Female Amateur Sports Star of the Year

    Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was named Professional Sports Star of the Year.

    Mariners ace Felix Hernandez won Story of the Year for his Aug. 15 perfect game against Tampa Bay.

    Created by Royal Brougham and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 1936, this event has celebrated the achievements of local athletes, coaches and others in the sports industry for the past 78 years

    • Peeterdeeter says:

      Very cool. Nathan’s parents are awesome people. His mom once knitted probably 40 or so blue and gold teddy bears, including knit grape smugglers, with our names on them before NCAAs one year. One for every guy on the team, not just the NC qualifiers. I can’t even imagine how long that must have taken haha

      Also, am tickled that the UW and Seattle-area sports world are ruled by Bears like Nathan and Marshawn. Beast Mode

  10. These two are national treasures… Mel and team: sign E&C up NOW for a regular Swim Swam video feature!

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