Ethan Dang takes down 11-12 NAG in 200 breast with 2:29.01

  14 Jared Anderson | July 12th, 2014 | Club, Featured, National, News

KING Aquatic Club’s Ethan Dang broke the National Age Group record for 11-12 year olds on Saturday night at the Mark Prothero Invitational in Federal Way, Washington.

The 12-year-old Dang went 2:29.01 to take just over a second off the mark set by Sean Mahoney back in 2001. The splits for Dang are below:

  • 33.89
  • 38.11
  • 38.73
  • 38.28
  • 2:29.01

That’s remarkable consistency over the final three 50s for Dang, who owns the 100 breast record one age group down.

Mahoney’s old record was 2:30.12

Full results of the meet are available on Meet Mobile under “2014 1st Annual Mark Prothero Invitational.”


  1. Hswimmer says:


  2. bobo gigi says:

    Not surprising.
    He was in my list of possible NAG records breakers! :)

    Congrats to Mr Dang.

  3. Maverick says:

    Very impressive! Looks like Ethan is going to take out my final remaining NAG record in the 100 today. I’m calling a 108.6. Best of luck to him!

  4. whoknows says:

    I don’t think he has that much speed yet… his body is not that mature yet.

    • Allen says:

      Not much speed yet? Taking down the 11-12 NAG record is not fast? Or do you mean he has a lot more potential because he’s not physically mature like most 12 yr olds?

  5. IKNOW says:

    1:09.49 tonight, missed the record in the 100 by .07

  6. Allen says:

    Anyone know how tall Ethan is?

  7. Jimrude says:

    Ethan is not very tall. Maybe 5′ 4″. Excellent technique, great DPS and very good underwaters.

  8. Turtlebrain says:

    What I find funny is that his breaststroke is faster than my freestyle.

  9. Turtlebrain says:

    He will definitely break the record at the PNS Long Course Champs!

  10. Turtlebrain says:

    I’m talking about the 100m record, by the way.

  11. Dylan Rhee says:

    There goes my chance for National Champion. :(

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