Destin Lasco Finishes 11-12 Swimming With 3rd NAG Record on the Weekend

  7 Braden Keith | August 09th, 2014 | Club, Featured, National, News

Records are made to be broken. Some, like Cy Young’s baseball records for wins, probably won’t ever be. In swimming, we don’t have that problem – the expectation is that all swimming records as they stand now will, eventually, be broken.

Some of them, though, just take a little longer than others.

Destin Lasco, swimming on his final day in the 11-12 age group (though he’s technically already 13), has broken one of those “ancient” records with a 2:15.33 in the 200 long course meter IM on Saturday afternoon at the Eastern Zone Championships in Virginia. That breaks the 1983 record set by age group legend Chas Morton at 2:15.42.

Lasco’s splits were 30.12/32.55/42.01/30.63, and while the age of Morton’s record keeps us from having any good splits to compare Lasco to, our best educated guess is that they were probably very similar.

Now, a record book once littered with Morton’s name will be down to just four: the 11-12 100 meter fly (58.74), the 10 & under 200 yard IM (2:12.29), the 11-12 100 yard fly (51.85), and the 11-12 200 yard IM (1:56.61).

This is the 3rd National Age Group Record that Lasco has broken this weekend. On Wednesday, Lasco swam a 2:10.39 in the 200 meter backstroke and a 55.04 in the 100 meter freestyle, which are also 11-12 records. Other results from this meet:

  • 25.15 50 meter free on a 200 free relay anchor
  • 1:00.97 in the 100 meter backstroke
  • 2:02.93 in the 200 meter freestyle
  • 1:00.81 in the 100 meter backstroke on a medley relay lead-off
  • 28.63 in the 50 meter backstroke
  • 55.39 in the 100 meter freestyle on a 400 free relay anchor

Full Eastern Zone Championships results here.



  1. floppy says:

    Nice job, Destin. Enjoy it.

  2. bobo gigi says:

    I’ve watched the race live (thanks swimutopia for the webcast).
    It was close but Mr Lasco did it!
    Congrats champion!
    Very special talent.
    Good luck now in the 13/14 category. I’m sure many other records will fall in the future.
    TOKYO 2020! :cool:

  3. MarkB says:

    58 for 100 Meter Fly for a 12 year old may take a while to get broken.

  4. Swim says:

    Great job, Destin!!

  5. thomaslurzfan says:

    Is this record for kids born in 2002/2003 or for kids at age 11/12?

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