Caeleb Dressel Talks 18.94; Emergency Room; and Florida Gators

It’s been a roller-coaster of a two days for Bolles’ Caeleb Dressel at the 2013 Winter Junior National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In this interview outside of the Greensboro Aquatic Center, Dressel talks about how he shocked himself with his 18.94 in the 50 free, what happened with his breathing problems, and his future team, the Florida Gators.

See the full day 2 recap here.
Watch Dressel’s 18.94 50 yard freestyle here.


  1. TheTroubleWithX says:

    Best part of the interview? He used the word “ineffable.” Correctly.

  2. Hulk Swim says:

    He’s an outstanding interviewee.

    • Eagleswim says:

      Agreed. I’ve noticed differences between great high school swimmers and other great high school athletes coming from sports like football and basketball when it comes to interviews. Swimmers tend to be slightly awkward, and somehow loveable in their own way. Not this kid. He gets it. Just from the way he talks and presents himself I can tell he sees himself as a truly great athlete, not just a good swimmer. I dig that. Not to mention the fact that he said he didn’t choose his school to win ncaa titles, but for a spot in rio. Sounds like Andrew wiggins when he said his goal for freshman year was to be drafted number 1

  3. C Martin says:

    Great interview, thanks again Garrett! Very insightful and I think a good number of questions some people had have been answered.

    Such a class act and I hope to see him well for his 100 tomorrow.

  4. weirdo says:

    agree…excellent interview and informative answers. thanks

  5. John Sampson says:

    Great interview! Love when he talked about Florida! Wish he could have raced in the 100 fly tonight however! Hopefully his 100 free will make up for it :D

  6. fatsmcgee says:

    Love his reaction to breaking 19 seconds. This kid has great character and is very deserving of success.

  7. Steve Nolan says:

    Real cushy interview locaish ya got goin’ there. Gotta get that fresh air.

    His reasons near the end for why he’s going to Florida were pretty much perfect.

  8. aswimfan says:

    Great interviewee!

  9. bobo gigi says:

    Very interesting interview.
    Mr Dressel is going to be a media darling in the future and will replace Lochte for the fans, especially for the girls.
    But he’s more interesting than Lochte in interview. :)
    I must admit his arguments about Florida were pretty convincing.
    All for Rio. I like hearing that!
    2014. Sub 22 in the 50 free and 48.50 in the 100 free. And more important, a qualification in the US 4X100 relay team for the world championships.
    2015. 21.75/48.00
    2016. 21.50/47.50


      I will agree with u and everybody else . At 17 , Caeleb is allready a class act and has true determination to make the Us Team for 2014 Pan Pacs & WC SC , 2015 WC and RIO . He will be an important factor on The Relays for Team Usa from next year onwards . I see him also Below 22 on 50 free and Around 48.50 on 100 free LC for 2014 . Refreshing for the Sprint events to see such an athlete with amazing talent & maturity .

  10. bobo gigi says:

    Caeleb hasn’t swum the 100 fly and the 200 free yesterday so he will be fresh for the 100 free today.
    If everything goes well, we can expect a 42 low. It would be a great way to finish his fabulous year.

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