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Mike LewisMike Lewis is a sports photographer based in La Jolla, California. Mike has been swimming competitively for over 40 years and brings a unique perspective to swim photography.  His work has been featured in print and digital editorial pieces throughout the world.  Mike is also a renowned commercial photographer and is the part of the creative vision in several campaigns throughout the aquatic sports world.

Additionally, Mike has nearly three decades of open water swimming experience as both an athlete and coach.   He has worked with a wide range of athletes including Olympians and World Record Holders. Mike was as an administrator in the U.S. Olympic movement for 12 years and was a team director for the 2000 Olympic games.   Mike remains avid swimmer and has notched several top 10 rankings in US Masters swimming.   Mike and his wife Cynthia founded “Did you swim today?” – a global gathering place for swimmers to share their positive experiences in the pool and the open water.

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