Garrett McCaffrey

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Garrett McCaffrey 236x300 Garrett McCaffreyNo one lives the sport of swimming like Garrett McCaffrey. A Division I swimmer who spent 4 years covering the sport as a journalist, now coaches club swimming and competes as a masters swimmer, Garrett truly lives the sport of swimming.

After graduating from University of Missouri’s award winning journalism program with a degree in broadcast, Garrett catapulted onto the scene with his work at His mission was to bring the sport of swimming to the masses.

Through posting training videos, interviews and races online, McCaffrey created a readily available community for swimming fans to have a dialogue and learn from the best in the sport.

In 2009 he began work at Swimming World Magazine, producing video content for His talents in front of and behind the camera brought the swimming world such fan favorites as Split Time, McCaffreyCap, the Morning Swim Show, and numerous swim meet broadcasts.

Garrett McCaffrey’s work as a swim journalist has taken him to events worldwide including the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the 2009 World Championships in Rome and the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships in Irvine, California.

As a true fan of the sport, McCaffrey’s journalism skills and personal passions combine to create news, interviews and conversational topics that are respected by coaches, swimmers and fans worldwide.


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Two Mizzou J School Grads, Garrett McCaffrey and Yahoo! Sports’ Pat Forde at Men’s NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.

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Garrett McCaffrey with the SwimSwam Crew at Olympic Trials
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Garrett McCaffrey swimming at the 2011 USMS Championships

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Garrett McCaffrey outside of the Water Cube at the 2008 Olympics

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Garrett McCaffrey at the 2008 Olympics with 50 Free Champ, Cesar Cielo.

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Garrett McCaffrey

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Garrett McCaffrey and SwimSwam crew

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Garrett McCaffrey at the 2011 USMS National Championships.

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Garrett McCaffrey at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

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Garrett McCaffrey as a senior at the University of Missouri.