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My Favorite Skill

Who in Swimming has influenced your life? Athlete Manager & Entrepreneur Emily White Chronicles her answer below.

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Following the Feet: Opening Day at the Daleview Swim Club

Following the Feet is an 8-week summer series on SwimSwam. Written by Stina Oakes, the series follows the eight weeks of summer club season at Silver Spring, Maryland’s Daleview Swim Club, whose team mascot is the “Feet.”

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10 Career Lessons You Learn from Competitive Swimming

#4 – You’ve learned how to win—and lose—with grace.


Shouts From the Stands: Changing Lanes

Matt Pariselli explores the tough transition to life beyond swimming

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Are You a Supportive or Overly-Involved Swim Parent?

Where do we cross the line from being supportive, to being “overly involved?” Look around at a swim meet and see if you can spot “those” parents. Then, take a look in the mirror and check to see what kind of swim parent you are.


On the Wings of Determination and Hope: Lily’s Story

Although Lily can only walk with the aid of crutches, this limitation has not stopped her from flying through life on the wings of determination and hope, with her fiercely supportive family and friends by her side.

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2015 World Championship Teaser Video with Lochte, Adrian, Morozov and Manaudou

Why is Michael Phelps in this Russian teaser video for the 2015 FINA World Championships?


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sleep and Athletic Performance

It can be so tempting to stay up into the late hours of the night scrolling through Instagram. But in the long run, what’s more important: a girl’s Instagram post you barely know or getting the most of your training?

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UNC Asheville Builds Women’s Swimming Program – College Recruiting Video

Captain Galen Broido, along with her group mates Mandi Melton, Shayla Hensley and Lexi Banks produced the recruiting video for the Women’s Swim Team.

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The Truth about Your Head Position In Swimming

Gary Hall Sr.: “Most swimmers swim freestyle or backstroke with their heads positioned too high, looking forward slightly as they swim through the water, or in the case of backstroke, with the head perched up.”


Jolyn Lookbook: Adventures in Maui

Photographer: Marc Gabor at – Models: Xena and Raven – Lookbook Design: Jen Terry

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5 Quotes to Remember When Tackling Training

No matter how in love you may be with the sport of swimming, training is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. Here are 5 quotes to remember when tackling training…


7 Tips for Swim Parents About College Recruiting

During recruiting, my swimmer talked to coaches by email, phone and in person. Coaches shared great advice about college recruiting and things to consider in making a decision. Here are seven tips about college recruiting from a variety of coaches:


What Summer Rec Leagues Are All About

The summer swim season is coming up and, no, I’m not talking about the long course season.

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Swimfluence has arrived

This week, Swimfluence, the subscription box service created for competitive swimmers, officially launched. Each month subscribers to the service will receive a package on their doorstep containing 6 to 8 products designed to positively influence the lifestyle of a competitive swimmer.

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