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5 Things Swimmers Can Be Thankful For

I think we all know that there is a lot more to swimming than the day-in-day-out of practices with the occasional best time. Here are five things swimmers in particular can be thankful for:


11 Tips for Swim Parents on What Our Kids Need to Know Before College

Independence is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Let’s get them prepared for their next great adventure. Here’s my list of the “top things kids need to know before going to college.”


Dolfin Partners with Internationally Renowned Swim Coach Bud McAllister

Matt Zimmer, VP Sales & Marketing at Dolfin: “It’s always exciting to add an extraordinary coach like Bud to the Dolfin team, but our partnership with him is even more thrilling because it allows us to take an important step to grow our brand overseas.”

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Swim Mom Musings: The Water Can Hide the Tears

When athletes are out of the spotlight and alone with their thoughts many face the same demons that plaque us all.


10 Things You Should Know about Melanoma, Skin Cancer, and Sun Exposure

As swimmers, we spend several hours a day training outside. What we may not realize is that we’re exposing ourselves to some major health risks just by being outside.


10 Strange and Sublime Swimmer Sensations

These sensations don’t directly impact our health or our performance in the pool, but when we experience them, it feels like nothing else could.


B&W Swim Show: Kelsi Worrell is an Aggressive Eater & Andee Cottrell’s Baby Pictures

Kelsi Worrell isn’t just aggressive when she’s swimming butterfly.

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Crawling Down the Stairs: Van Donkersgoed’s New Life In The Sport

Van Donkersgoed is on deck at practice just as he should be, just as he has been for the last 10 years of his life. It is 6 a.m., and the rest of Northwestern University men’s swim team is jumping in the water.


7 Keys to Being the Best Swim Parent You Can Be

Parents are an essential component in the success of a child-athlete, but they can also be a toxic element. The fine line that parents walk between involvement and respectful distance can be difficult to navigate.

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4 Tips for Swim Parents on Why We Shouldn’t Coach Our Kids

If you are a coach and your son or daughter is on your team, then this article is not for you. This is for us on the sidelines, the parents who give their swimmers tips, thinking we’ll help our kids improve.


How to Master The Back Footplate on Starts

There are two options for the track start using the back footplate, weight forward or weight backward.


Deciding Where to Commit to College

Here are some tips to help you keep the process fun and ultimately help you make the right choice in where you commit.


Lesley Paterson on Finishing the Season Strong

This guest column was provided by and is courtesy of VASA, a SwimSwam partner, and Matt Kredich, the 2013 Swammy Award winning College Coach of the Year.

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Ever Considered Owning Your Own Swim Business?

Do you love swimming? Are you a coach or former swimmer with a lot experience in the sport? Have you ever considered owning your own swim businesses?


SwimMom Musings: College is Almost Here

This is dedicated to the thousands of kids all over tonight who are at a crossroads.

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