American Vollmer; van der Burgh Break World Records on Day 2 (RECAP)

Day 2 was crazy. There were two World Records, a European Record, and plenty of major upsets to be had. It was a repeat of day 1′s chaos, only twice as big.

The expectation is that things should settle in on day 3 a bit, but for now we got one more day of the roller-coaster.

PDF Results, including splits, here.
Live video stream here. (US only).

Women’s 100 Butterfly Final

So much for no more World Records. For the 2nd time in two nights, a World Record swim has gone down in the London Aquatics Centre, as American Dana Vollmer took down the World Record, and in the process became the first woman in history to go under 56 seconds. Vollmer marked a 55.98, which took down the old record of 56.06, set by Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom in 2009 (as just a 15-year old).

Vollmer had a brave swim. As we discussed in our session preview, from prelims to the semi-finals, her first 50 got faster, but her overall time got slower. She made the logical decision, and pulled up ever-so-slightly on the first 50 meters. She turned in 3rd in a 26.39; still very fast, but three-tenths slower than she was on Saturday. The decision paid off though, as Vollmer had more-than-enough on the back-half to overcome Jeanette Ottesen and Claire Donahue. (Aside: Vollmer lost her cap in this swim, and still broke the record).

In fact, it was all of the back-half swimmers who roared home in this race. China’s Ying Lu (turned 4th) took the silver in 56.87, and Australia’s Alicia Coutts (turned last) took bronze in 56.94.

The former World Record holder, and another great back-half swimmer, Sarah Sjostrom finished 4th: the same position in which she was in at the World Championships. Aside from a swapping of positions between Coots and Lu, this was the same top 4 we saw last year in Shanghai.

A newcomer to the field was Italy’s Ilaria Bianchi. She swam a 57.27 for 5th, which broke the Italian Record for the 2nd straight round. She’s now cut a full second off of her National best coming into this meet.

Ottesen, a 50 specialist who led at the turn, was 6th in 57.35, followed by the American Claire Donahue (57.48) and the home country’s Ellen Gandy in 57.76.

Men’s 200 Free – Semifinals

Another sort of ho-hum race in this men’s 200 free, just like we saw in the prelims. China’s Sun Yang turned even with Tae-Hwan Park at the 150 meter mark in heat 2 (just like they did in the 400 final), which is nearly an automatic Yang victory. Victory he got, with a 1:45.61, still looking fairly easy. The two heat winners, Paul Biedermann (1:46.10) and Yang have the advantage of not needing to worry about a relay final.

That’s as compared to their seconds: France’s Yannick Agnel (1:45.84) and American Ryan Lochte (1:46.31), who must quickly cool down and prepare for the 400 free relay that will end the session. For Lochte, that’s about two seconds off of where he’s expected to be, so clearly didn’t use too much energy.

Danila Izotov, another relay swimmer, tied with hometown swimmer Robbie Renwick of Great Britain tied for 6th in 1:46.65, and Thomas Fraser-Holmes was the last qualifier in 1:46.80.

American Ricky Berens was better than he was in the prelims, but his 1:46.87 still wasn’t quite good enough as he finished 9th.

Women’s 100 Breast – Semis

Lithuania’s Ruta Meilutyte, with visible confidence and the crowd suddenly behind her, is the real deal. She backed up her prelims swim with a new European Record of 1:05.21, breaking a 1:05.41 set by Russia’s Yuliya Efimova in the 2009 at 1:05.41.

Meilutyte again went out very hard, splitting a 30.55 in the opening 50. Even with speed-burners like Efimova and Australian Leisel Jones on either side of her, she had a clear advantage at the turn. She holds on well, and only with about 7 or 8 meters to go does she show even small signs of fatigue.

This puts a lot of pressure on American Rebecca Soni, winner of heat 1 and 2nd overall, who swam a 1:05.75. She was better at Worlds last year than Meilutyte was here, but she will have more than a second deficit to make up at the turn, unless she makes a drastic change. The 1.2 seconds that Meilutyte was ahead today equates to roughly 1.8 meters.

But Soni is certainly capable of that speed – as one of our readers points out, she opened in 30.7 at Worlds last year. We’ll have to see if she’s willing to attack.

Efimova will sit 3rd overall in 1:06.51, which is a better swim than we’ve seen from the Russian women in this meet so far.American Breeja Larson used her outstanding pullouts to get off of the blocks fast and take the 4th spot in 1:06.58. The NCAA Champion swims very similarly to another Texas A&M Aggie, and NCAA Champion, Alia Atkinson of Jamaica.

The two were at the lead of their heat after the first few strokes, but Atkinson’s final result wasn’t as good. She will be forced into a swimoff, which will have epic intensity at this level, with Canada’s Tera van Beilen, as the two tied in 1:07.48.

Other finalists, that are for sure, will be Leisel Jones in 1:06.81, Denmark’s Rikke Moeller-Pedersen in 1:06.82, and Satomi Suzuki in 1:07.10.

Women’s 100 Breast – SWIMOFF

Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson, one of the most powerful breaststrokers in the world, had no trouble in the swimoff, and was actually faster than the first try with a 1:06.79. She’ll still be the 8th seed in an outside lane in the final, though. Van Beilen swam a 1:07.73, and will now begin to prepare for the 200.

Men’s 100 Breast – Finals

This race was the meet’s 5th individual final. In all 5 of those finals to this point, we’ve seen an Olympic Record, and in three of them, we’ve seen a World Record. For all of the talk about suits, though in 2008 they weren’t quite as bad as in 2009, we’re ahead of pace from the last Olympics, where at this point there were 3 World Records and just 4 Olympic Records.

Number three came to Cameron van der Burgh in 58.46. That broke the 58.58 World Record held by Australia’s Brenton Rickard from 2009. It also took down his own Olympic Record, set in Saturday’s semifinals.

Van der Burgh already held the 50 record, so it’s no surprise that he was first at the turn. But Australia’s Christian Sprenger, who is the 200 World Record holder, was only 6-tenths behind, so it wasn’t a gap out-of-reach. But van der Burgh, through intentional focus, has improved his endurance in the last year since the World Championships, and that paid off as he only gave up two-tenths on the back-half.

Sprenger finished 2nd in 58.93, moving him to 7th all-time and only the 4th man under 59 seconds in textile.

The bronze medal went to American Brendan Hansen in 59.49. Were it not for a stumble in 2008, he could have been the first man to medal in the breaststrokes in three straight Olympics.

Hungary’s Daniel Gyurta was 4th in 59.53, which is another National Record. Between that swim, and Kitajima’s poor performance here (5th in 59.79), he has to become a huge favorite in the 200 breaststroke.

Brenton Rickard placed 6th in 59.87, Italy’s Fabio Scozzoli was 7th in 59.97, and Giedrius Titenis from Lithuania was the only swimmer above a minute in 1:00.84.


Women’s 400 Free – Finals

This was supposed to be one of the great races of the meet. Ultimately, it was a very good race between France’s Camille Muffat and the United States’ Allison Schmitt, but it didn’t quite have the depth and chaos that was expected. Muffat swam a fairly traditional race, to the contrary of what we’ve seen from her over the past few months. The result was the same, though, demonstrating that she can swim this race however she wants to, as she took gold in an Olympic Record of 4:01.45.

Even against the hard-starting Schmitt, Muffat led this race wire-to-wire, going out in a 1:59.50 and coming home in a 2:01.95. That’s as compared to Schmitt’s 1:59.88-2:01.89 to take silver in a new American Record of4:01.77.

The hometown swimmer Rebecca Adlington, swimming out of lane 8, took bronze in 4:03.01. That just barely missed becoming the host nation’s first medalist of the games to a cyclist earlier in the day, but it did score their first swimming medal. As the defending champion, however, she was hoping for a better time.

Denmark’s Lotte Friis took 4th in 4:03.98.

The defending World Champion Federika Pellegrini of Italy got pulled out of her race. She’s used to starting a bit slower and coming home faster, however here she split 2:00.62-2:03.88 to touch in 4:04.50 for 5th. She was followed by Coralie Balmy of France, who had a good start, in 4:05.95 for 6th; Canada’s Brittany MacLean in 7th in 4:06.24, and Lauren Boyle 8th in 4:06.25. Those three all were faster in the prelims.

Men’s 100 Back – Semi’s

American Matt Grevers continued to be far-and-away the class of this 100 backstroke field, with a 52.66 to take the top seed headed into finals. He’s already far ahead of where he was in the semi’s at the Olympic Trials, and even with France’s Camille Lacourt lurking, he’ll be a heavy favorite in Monday’s final.

Lacour was 2nd in 53.03, with Britain’s Liam Tancock swimming as well as we’ve seen in the last two years with a 53.25 for 3rd. Tancock had some tough swims since British Trials, but his plans seem to be coming together at the right moment.

Japan’s Ryosuke Irie, who took bronze at the World Championships, was 4th in 53.29. American Nick Thoman continued to slow-play the early rounds (a game he’s fond of) and put in a 53.47.

China’s Feiyi Chang was 6th in 53.50, Germany’s Helge Meeuw 7th in 53.52, and Australia’s Hayden Stoeckel 8th in 53.74.

Russia’s Arkady Vyatchanin, who has been training in Florida with Gregg Troy, just missed with a 53.79 for 9th.

Women’s 100 Back – Semi’s

Emily Seebohm wasn’t able to match her lightning-quick Olympic Record in prelims, but there still wasn’t anybody near her in this semi-final as she swam a 58.39 to take lane 4 for finals.

Missy Franklin dropped a couple of tenths to remain in the second position in 59.12. Her turn was again outstanding, but she still has to figure out some way to make even a small improvement on her start if she wants the gold medal over Seebohm.

Japan’s Aya Terakawa took 3rd in 59.34, followed by China’s Jing Zhao (59.55), Russia’s Anastasia Zueva (59.68), and Britain’s World Record holder Gemma Spofforth (59.70). That’s Spofforth’s best time since 2010, after a struggle of a season in 2011.

Australia’s Belinda Hocking and China’s Yuanhui Fu were 7th and 8th, all under a minute, to give their respective countries two entries in the final.

Canada’s Julia Wilkinson had tough luck in 9th place with a 59.91; her teammate Sinead Russell was 16th in 1:00.57, still bothered by a hip injury suffered in June. The second American, Rachel Bootsma, was 11th in 1:00.04.

Men’s 400 Free Relay – Final

On July 29th, 2012, Jason Lezak became a verb. The swimming community was abuzz that the Americans got Lezak’ed on this 400 free relay.  Despite a great swim from Clement Lefert (the unsung hero of the French relay), Yannick Agnel hit the water half-a-second behind Ryan Lochte. In an eerily similar fashion to how Lezak swam against Alain Bernard of France in this same relay in 2008, Agnel, drafted on the powerful wake of Lochte, and then exploded from the final turn to carry the French to a win in 3:09.93. That is France’s first ever relay gold.

The Americans touched in 3:10.38, with Agnel’s amazing split of 46.74 bettering Lochte’s 47.74 by exactly a second.

Both relays swam very well. As mentioned, Lefert had a very good time of 47.39; speed that not many expected from him. He was matched on the third leg by American Cullen Jones, who again did his part on the relay with a 47.6. Nathan Adrian led off the US in 47.8, and Michael Phelps showed the swimming community a lot about his ability to bounce back with a 47.1.

A team that did not swim well, however, was Australia. Coming in as a favorite for gold, and a near-lock for a medal of any color, they placed 4th in 3:11.63. Their two big pieces of James Magnussen (48.03) and James Roberts (48.09) bookended the squad in thoroughly disappointing splits. Matt Targett and Eamon Sullivan were better in the middle, but they couldn’t carry the relay.

Lost in the excitement and disappointment of those three squads was the Russians, who took a bronze medal in 3:11.41. That gave them their first medal in this event since 1996 and the days of legend Alexander Popov. While this group doesn’t seem to have anybody like him in their midst, they made some big sacrifices and were rewarded with a medal. The best swim was by Nikita Lobintsev, who was a 47.4 on the 2nd leg.

The South Africans took 5th, followed by Germany, Italy, and surprise finalists Belgium. Notable splits come in a pair of 47.9′s from Marco di Carli and Markus Deibler of Germany, both on rolling starts.


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    Way to go Vollmer

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    That was really really gutsy swim from Vollmer… she attacked the WR from the get go, going .66 under WR at 50

    • bbrswimmer says:

      I don’t think you can really compare to Sjostrom’s old record because that was crazy! She was almost back in 28

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    good job by Vollmer.

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    Way to go Volmer.

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    Bieldermann is back…

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    So it’s the exact medallist from Shanghai, with Lu and Coutts exchanging places.

    Sjoestrom truly ruins my picks, she’s definitely below form

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    If locthe keep on with the Crappy finish he will have some problems on 200IM and 200 free… on 400IM he could do that cause of a HUGE advantage..

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    Why didn’t Biedermann always swim like that…aggressive from the get go, he would have gotten better results

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      Cseh was on the media blaming Phelps for missing finals..

      • Ole 99 says:

        That is silly. Simple way to make finals… beat him.

      • aswimfan says:

        LOL at Cseh.

      • Melsy says:

        @Rafeal – Cseh didn’t blame Phelps at all for missing the 400IM final you idiot. He said it was a mistake to go and stay with him as he thought their pace was faster. He blamed himself saying that he should have pushed the backhalf or the race and been agressive. Get your facts straight or perhaps learn Hungarian

        • Rafael says:

          quite a bit agressive aren´t you? Or just Feeling Sad knowing that Cseh probably won´t medal on 200 IM also?

  21. Rafael says:

    Sun turned the jets…

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      And why tape delay?
      This is the age of internet. and it’s sunday afternoon for you guys in the US

      • Brian says:

        I wish I knew. I was trying to watch the 200 free and it kept jumping around, back and forth. It seems to be working well now, but it’s unprofessional by NBC. They should be on their A game from the get go.

        People should Tweet NBC and let their voices be heard.

        Also, their contact us/FAQ button is broken, I have a top of the line mac and their little “enter a number” to ensure you’re real is broken. NBC just is awful.

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          The same with me! I kept thinking it was my Mac as well. Top of the line. None better….and I was constantly having to refresh the screen. WTF??????

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    Soni’s start is still pretty bad, but she’s fastest..so..

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    Ruta next… she was shocked in the prelims after seeing her time.. let’s see if she can maintain her speed

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    Leisel Jones got the biggest cheer. Good on you, Jones! after all those sucky aussie media criticism

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    wow soni out 32.1, back 33.8… very impressive, but she’s going to have to attack the front half if she wants a crack at that world record tomorrow

  32. Waterboy says:

    NBC ads don’t freeze….only the critical parts of each race! Curses!

  33. Usswimfan says:

    Tomorrow nights men 200 final could be the best race of the Games. Lochte will have to go another gear, which is possible since he has the relay in his mind right now, to give Sun and Agnel a run.

  34. aswimfan says:

    Ruta is fast.. doesn’t glide at all

  35. aswimfan says:

    Ruta 1:05.21 !

    If she can maintain her composure tomorrow, she’ll take the gold.

    She’ll go one better than Beard and Jones at their first olympics as 14/15 yo.

    • Ole 99 says:

      Soni will need to take out that first 50. She clearly can’t be in last place at the turn like she was in the semifinal

      • aswimfan says:

        Yep, if Soni starts the last again, she’ll get tight on the second 50. and it will be over.

        Now raise your hand who picked Ruta?!


        • Rafael says:

          her parents.. maybe.,

        • Ole 99 says:

          Raise your hand if you even knew who she was before this morning!

          Soni will need to go at or better than her time at worlds last year if she’s going to win.

          • aswimfan says:

            I knew about her. Swimnews (craig lord) had been writing about her since she was 14.
            But I didn’t think her time would come in London

          • john26 says:

            I actually had her in 5th on my predictions list after seeing she was 1:07.3 at British Trials .. at 15. Obviously, I undersold her. Oh well, better than most people :)

        • Ole 99 says:

          Just checked… Soni went out in 30.7 last year (semis and finals) at Worlds last year, so its a bit bizarre that she is hanging back so much.

  36. Mitch says:

    I really was hoping to see Schmitty/Muffat battle, but because of NBC’s streaming problems, this looks like it won’t happen.

  37. Ole 99 says:

    Swim off for the last spot in the 100 breast final

  38. aswimfan says:

    Medal ceremony!

    Vollmer is really tall.

    Coutts is the first swimmer to win multiple medals in London. Now she has gold and bronze. She might have the complete set by winning silver in 200 IM

    • Rafael says:

      Locthe may have a bronze or silver ( 200m free) but can´t see having both (individuall medals)

      has a swimmer had 3 medals on one olympic and they were 3 different ones?

      • aswimfan says:

        There have been plenty such swimmers.

        The biggest was of course Shane Gould:

        Gold 1972 Munich 200 m individual medley
        Gold 1972 Munich 200 m freestyle
        Gold 1972 Munich 400 m freestyle
        Silver 1972 Munich 800 m freestyle
        Bronze 1972 Munich 100 m freestyle

      • Lane Four says:

        Ellie Daniel in 1968. 400 medley relay gold, 100 fly silver and 200 fly bronze.
        Uwe Dassler in 1988. 400 free gold, 800 free relay silver and 1500 free bronze.

  39. Usswimfan says:

    Dana deserves a lot of credit for that race. McKeever and Milt Nelms continue to impress. Really happy for Vollmer and she deserve the same coverage as Missy.

  40. aswimfan says:

    This is great story by Vollmer.

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    Lu Ying is really pretty.

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    or not?

    I hope he does!!

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    Van der burgh!!! WR!!

    And Sprenger was flying last 15, but needed more lenght

    hansen for third!!! wow. The most successful comeback so far!

    Kitajima bombed.

  49. Rafael says:

    Sprenger was pretty much amazing also.. if wright steps up.. we may have a battle for gold on medley relay..

    • aswimfan says:

      Not so fast.

      Grevers is far more faster than Stoeckel.

      That’s the difference.

    • aswimfan says:

      Rafael, still thinking BRA will be on level with AUS after fly in the m4x100 medley?


    • Rafael says:

      If phelps chockes.. magnussen can take out that difference.. maybe,.. It´s just that I hate a no fight relay..

      • aswimfan says:

        I agree with you.

        relay is so much better if there’s close fight.

        USA was going to wipe the floor in the m4x100medley, similar to their women, but now we might have a fight.

  50. aswimfan says:

    Sprenger can now take off his “suit-only swimmer” tag.

  51. TX Swimmer says:

    Cameron Van Den Burg Made Three Dolphon kicks at the start!!!!

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    Congratulations to Hansen! I wasn’t expecting him to medal. What a strong last 50!

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    w400 free!

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    Muffat is attacking it from the get go!

    Muffat’s technique is amazing

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    I hope its 1. Muffat 2. Schmitt 3. Pellegrini

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    Guys! I just switched to a EURO stream (probably illegal) and its 10000x better. Use the one posted above

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    Adlington third!!!

    good for the brits, brought the house down!

  58. Ole 99 says:

    Hoorah for Britain!!!

  59. aswimfan says:

    This is the greatest w400 free field EVER!!!
    Adlington finished third in a time faster than gold medal winning time in Beijing (in LZR)!

    Very gutsy swim by Schmitt also!

    She was sticking to Muffat all the way to the end

    • Jean Marie says:

      This looks good for Rebecca in the 800 free though she may have to look out for Ledecky and the young lady from Demark (sorry, I don’t remember her name.)

  60. drdov says:

    South Africa proud!!
    OMG race of the meet so far!!!!

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    Oh, I forgot that I actually have Muffat, Schmitt, Adlington in my picks :D

    Yayy for adlington!

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    So Phelps didn’t need to worry and swim 400 IM after all.

    He will now become the first male swimmer to threepeat.

    • Rafael says:

      will he? I´m not 100% sure anymore…

      • Mialuna says:

        He will win the two relays that are left and the 200 fly. I also believe he will win the 200im and the 100 fly. Don’t count him out because of the 400im. It is unfair and disrespectful to the greatest swimmer of all time.

  63. jammer says:

    I hope Cameron is DQ’d sprenger is the real winner

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    So Lochte took it easy in the 200 because he’ll anchor the relay…

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    that was not a REAL FAST semifinal on 100 back…

  66. aswimfan says:

    Who knew Hansen would medal AAANNDDD Kitajima not medal at all ????

    • PsychoDad says:

      So happy for Brendan. My 10 year old son was jumping up and down how happy he was. Brendan signed his swim backpack and gave him his swim cap at a meet in May.

      • ATX says:

        Brendan is such a class act and a great guy. I was so happy to see him get on the podium and complete an amazing comeback

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    Seebohm goes for WR again?

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    Fu yuanhui wears funny hat
    she seems to be having fun

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    Let’s see what Franklin respond

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    Berens 9th by .07 …. that can’t be a good feeling. His first individual event at a meet this big though

  71. aswimfan says:

    Terakawa has really great underwater!!

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    Franklin must be glad she has long arms

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    First semi was not that fast, second semi will be much faster methinks

  74. ZYNG43 says:

    Spofforth has come a long way since 2010

  75. aswimfan says:

    Seebohm is not looking huffing and puffing at the end of the race either.

    Missy is in trouble!

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    And Seebohm really comes home like a train

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    Seebohm very impressive.

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    months of hype .. let’s see how this turns out.

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    I’m scared the building will crumble during the race… it will be defeaning!

  81. Ole 99 says:

    Australia is going to blow this one out.

  82. aswimfan says:

    Magnussen to lead.
    Care to predict the time?

  83. aswimfan says:

    Magnussen is NOT SHAVED!!!!!!!!!!

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    Magnussen not even shaved?

  85. Rafael says:

    at last.. the most awaited race..

  86. aswimfan says:

    Wow… Magnussen bombed

  87. Philip Johnson says:

    Magnussen chocked!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Rafael says:

    unimpressive by Mag..

  89. aswimfan says:

    The race is ON!

  90. aswimfan says:

    This beats BEIJING!!

  91. Rafael says:


  92. Rafael says:


  93. Philip Johnson says:

    Australia fails to medal. shocker.

  94. aswimfan says:

    France redeemed Beijing!!

  95. Rafael says:

    Agnel 46,74.. Agnel Lezaked the US back…

  96. Philip Johnson says:

    took 4 years, but France gets its revenge.

  97. Rafael says:

    Where did you see Mag was unshaved?!?! And Roberts is probably a FLUKE!

  98. Ole 99 says:

    Great swim by the French… big choke by the Australians.

  99. aswimfan says:

    SPLITS please?

  100. Rafael says:

    Agnel 46,74 the only One I Know…

  101. TX Swimmer says:


  102. aswimfan says:

    Australia is slower than their Shanghai time!

    Really shocking.

    Magnussen and Roberts really choked big time

  103. Brian says:

    Should have kept in Lezak. As great as Jones and Lochte are, I would have preferred Lezak +1 more pure sprinter.

  104. Philip Johnson says:

    Agnel pulled a Lezak on Lochte. how ironic

  105. Waterboy says:

    Mistake to anchor Lochte?

  106. LATSCOACH says:


  107. CARDINAL says:

    Wow, Magnussen clocked in at 48.03. Very embarrassing, and to add to the humiliation, frequent choker Nathan Adrian touched the wall first.

    • underwater says:

      Adrian is NOT a frequent choker. Just because he didn’t swim well in the individual 50 and 100 at last year’s World Champs doesn’t mean he choked. If you’ve followed US sprinting closely, you’d know that Adrian performs well in big meets. At World Champs 2009 he had an incredible anchor leg to give the USA gold in the 4×100.

  108. RL says:

    phelps was 47.1, adrian 47.8

    great swim by both of them, and i think jones was there too, just didn’t get his split.

    america was under WR pace at the 250

  109. Liliana says:

    Lochte lost that race for USA. There, I said it. He was shoved into that relay to get a medal instead of Grevers. I hope Troy is proud of himself.

    • lsswim says:


    • aswimfan says:

      What’s Lochte split?

      • Liliana says:

        47.76 and he was half body ahead of Agnel

        Are you effing kidding me?! Grevers was for the win!

        • junker23 says:

          Yeah…fuck. Lochte was the wrong call.

          • Jcoach says:

            So who did we have left off that had a 47.2 in them? Um …. Noone. Lay off. Lochte was the right call. It just didn’t work.

          • junker23 says:

            I mean, Lochte went slower than Grevers. And Grevers having the 100 back prior to this relay doesn’t sway me too greatly – Lochte had the 200 free in this same session, too.

            I wouldn’t have expected Lochte to go any faster than he did. Maybe 47.5 at best. Grevers probably would’ve been at least that, right? Therefore, I think it’s the wrong call.

            But I’m not privy to the same information as the US coaches, so maybe I should just lay off, as you said.

    • gosharks says:

      Wow, who didn’t expect this comment from LILIANA? I bet you couldn’t wait to say it.

      Face it: Agnel split 46.74

      • Liliana says:

        I said it even before the race, if you bothered to read it you’d see. You don’t have to be a genius to realise Grevers would have won that race because USA were half body ahead of France.

    • Lisa says:

      he bombed big time.

  110. Fenster says:

    Wow… WOW! Maggie bombed – that’s the Olympics for you!

    I’m happy for France, after all their years of coming second, they deserve to get the win… Finally, and without Bernard!!

  111. Waterboy says:

    Phelps has a history of out touching people. Lochte has glided into his wins…..?

  112. RL says:

    jones 47.6, lochte 47.7

  113. Barrister says:

    47.15 – Phelps
    47.60 – Jones
    47.74 – Lochte

  114. Philip Johnson says:

    Hey Raf, Phelps swam a 47.1? guess he still has the sprint speed i suppose? translate into 47.5 flat start.

    • Rafael says:

      47.5? a bit too much… and it´s a relay.. not a individual race..

      • Philip Johnson says:

        about half a second for diving start. 47.5 – 47.6

        • Rafael says:

          also.. this was a relay.. it does not mean he could go that on an individual race..

          Or you think lezak could go 46.5???

          • Philip Johnson says:

            okay, so you think his we should throw this split out of the window? doesn’t matter? just want to make sure.

          • Rafael says:

            I´m not saying that.. but Being Able to do 46 on a relay split does not mean you can do 46,5 on flat start.. same for phelps..

          • Chris says:

            But Lezak was drafting, whereas Phelps was in clear water. Also, historically, Phelps swims faster individually than on relays. Compare his 100 fly and 200 free times with the equivalent splits on relays.

  115. gosharks says:

    Adrian 47.89
    Phelps 47.15
    Jones 47.59
    Lochte 47.76

  116. Philip Johnson says:

    France really deserved that win. congrats to them.

  117. bbrswimmer says:

    even if it was greevers with his morning split they would have gotten second

  118. Precious says:

    Before everyone blames the choice of Lochte over Grevers, a 47.5 by Lochte still wouldn’t have gotten the USA a medal. He would have needed to go 47.2 to win

    • swimmer 2 says:

      Yes, but Grevers has more top end speed, and has a MUCH higher ceiling in terms of potential in a 100 free anchor leg situation.

  119. gosharks says:

    Leveaux 48.13
    Gilot 47.67
    Lefert 47.39
    Agnel 46.74

  120. LATSCOACH says:

    I wonder if Lezak could’ve pulled out another

  121. aswimfan says:

    What’s the France splits?

    Agnel is amazing. Cool under pressure.

  122. Ole 99 says:


    Leveaux 48.13
    Gilot 47.67
    Lefert 47.39
    Agnel 46.84

    Adrian 47.89
    Phelps 47.15
    Jones 47.60
    Lochte 47.74

    Grechin 48.57
    Lobinstev 47.39
    Morozov 47.85
    Izotov 47.60

    Magnussen 48.03
    Targett 47.83
    Sullivan 47.68
    Roberts 48.09

  123. Josh says:

    Leveaux 48.13
    Gilot 47.67
    Lefert 47.39
    Agnel 46.74

  124. TX Swimmer says:

    Great swim by Team USA. France simply had a stronger team. I wish Phelps had lead of to embarrass that cocky idiot James Magnusse,

  125. ZYNG43 says:

    Sun Yang could’ve swam this by himself. and caught them all on the last 100 m! hahaha

  126. HKswimmer says:

    Amazing swim by the French. Lefert going 47’3 shows how much depth the French really have. In a way its nice to see them FINALLY win ;)

    Really puzzled as to what happened to the Aussies. To not medal? Don’t think anyone guessed that.

  127. ZYNG43 says:

    Lochte was too slow… If only we had Ye instead

  128. KEITH G says:

    What does this mean for the individual 100? did it just just get blown wide open??

    Maybe Maggie’s taper timing only works well if he has a virus beforehand :P

    Agnel’s 46.7 after his 200 semis is very impressive.

    • Rafael says:

      Roberts is starting to sound like a fluke,..

      Magnussen… was too cocky to not shave.. Agnel showed he is up for the fight.. Adrian Surprised me.. only cielo was not on the race..

      • Ole 99 says:

        Magnussen, the Brazillian coaching staff, and Cielo (for not forcing himself on the prelim swim) are all looking a little silly right now.

        • Rafael says:

          Roberts also.. a 48,06 Split!?!?!?

          • aswimfan says:

            That is shocking split from Roberts.

            The coaching staff should have gone with D’orsogna, he’s swimming hot, the same they did with picking Elmslie instead of Trickett.

      • liquidassets says:

        If Magnusen truly didn’t shave, it’s also the Aussie coaches’ fault for not making him do so! That’s crazy!

    • HKswimmer says:

      Glad I put Agnel to medal in the 100 now! But in all honesty a shocking performance by maggy, for what we have come to expect from him

      • aswimfan says:

        I put Agnel in the 100, and I put him to win 200 :)

        I knew he was good and was glad he ditched the 400.

      • Jean Marie says:

        Agnel will now win the 100 & 200frees – no doubt about it.

        • Rafael says:

          Forgetting that that still is Magnussen ( if he shaves and shut up) Cielo and Sun out there?

          • Jean Marie says:

            Mea culpa! Yes, Ciela could certainly win this and maybe Adrian could medal. The fact that Adrian just beat Magnussen head to head should give him confidence. But what we just saw from Agnel was very impressive.

        • liquidassets says:

          Not so fast. Agnel had a perfect flying start, his flat start in the 200 semis was good too but he’s still got plenty of competition in both the 100 and 200, especially the 200.

  129. AnotherSwimmingFan says:

    Agnel had a great anchor leg for the French. It was cool that the USA was very consistent throughout the splits, and Adrian became the first American under 48 seconds without a high-tech suit!

  130. Brian says:

    News on CNN about all the empty seats at the games….

    Man, London really screwed up.

    • aswimfan says:

      Yes, I see there are so many empty seats. I bet they were all for corporate fat cats.

      • Jack says:

        The matter of empty seats is being investigated but the general agreement of everybody is that these are the corporate seats/olympic family etc. And they are now being given to soldiers/local children etc with the corporates/sponsors being warned if they do not turn up (which is a disgrace) then their seats will be given to people who WOULD have paid to come and watch the action.

        Disgraceful by the snobs to be frank. At least the sporting action and atmosphere is brilliant :)

        • Jg says:

          The soldiers? I think they have been put to work. I saw their pathetic accomodation -in an old shopping mall lined up on stretchers.

          Disgusting . Then Cameron is going to sack them all.

          Heu guys -time for a coup.

      • Brian says:

        There were Olympic families and athletes tweeting to try and get seats for them and family to watch the games…So probably just corporate. Disgusting.

        • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

          I think it’s partially corporate, and it’s also partially seating reserved for other athletes in other sports. I’d expect it to fill up as other sports wrap up. STILL – would be nice if they’d make athletes “sign up” to come watch, so other seats could be used.

          • Brian says:

            Braden, suits related question –

            Is the Arena Carbon Pro suit worn by Soni (and also, one of the Frenchmen) their “Olympic Suit”? Just curious since I’ve never seen that color variation, and it doesn’t seem to vary by country either.

          • Braden Keith Braden Keith says:

            I think the different colors are just for variation; I believe it is the same suit as the pink one she wore at Trials.

  131. underwater says:

    Is Agnel’s 46.74 the fastest ever textile relay split?

  132. lbswimfan says:

    We should have used Ye Shiwen instead of Lochte on that anchor. Then we may have won the gold….. :-)

  133. Philip Johnson says:

    Magussen let the 47.1 he swam get to his head. It’s the Olympics where it counts, and Magnussen simply chocked, simply as that. he didn’t even feel he had to shave, what a joke.

  134. aswimfan says:

    So Phelps is still good in 100-200

    It was just a conditioning issue in the 400 IM.
    Really, you cannot fake your way in the 400

    • Philip Johnson says:

      yup 47.1 indicates he still has that speed. he just didn’t have the endurance for the 400 IM. watch out for Phelps in the 200 IM.

      • CARDINAL says:

        Lochte kicked his ass at the Worlds last year, and will do it again. He simply is not a freestyle sprinter in any way.

        • underwater says:

          Only if by “kicked his ass” you mean “beat by 0.16 seconds”. It was a close race, hopefully we’ll get another thriller!

      • liquidassets says:

        Still a little puzzling though. He went 4:07.8 at Trials without full taper. I wonder if he just missed this taper by one day in which case he should be fine.

    • junker23 says:

      Yuppers. Now I really wish he didn’t swim the 400 IM.

      He’s definitely winning the 200 IM – he was probably the favorite before this (especially considering Lochte’s 200 Back right before it) but this kinda clinches it for me.

    • Michael Lin says:

      he didn’t have endurance? then how do you explain how well he did at trials? he didn’t just lose his endurance in a month.

  135. ATX says:

    After a tough night last night, Phelps comes back and proves why he’s considered the greatest of all time. Unfortunately, Lochte showed why he won’t ever quite be on the same level as Phelps. Either way, gutsy swims by Team USA

  136. Ole 99 says:

    I know people are getting on Lochte, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he wasn’t the anchor. Grevers was only .2 faster than him this morning. The US lost by .45.

    • Liliana says:

      We’re not getting on Lochte, we’re getting on TROY. Lochte gave his best, but his best was not good enough for that relay and most people knew that! Grevers would have endured that attack from Agnel.

      • Rafael says:

        greever would have to faster than he was at morning.. don´t think so..

        • Ole 99 says:

          Exactly. Grevers is a great relay swimmer, but he just swam. He wasn’t going to better his performance from the prelims.

      • Josh says:

        He had the women’s 100 back semis to recover. That’s it. He dropped the 200 back at Trials in favor of the 100 free because he knew he couldn’t be at his best in two events in the same session. The US did the best with what they had, and Grevers or not, Agnel was the difference maker and swam the fastest textile relay split in history. Grevers doesn’t train to swim multiple events in one session.

        • Chris says:

          Grevers dropped the 200 back because he had virtually no chance of beating Lochte and Clary, whereas he was almost certain to finish top 6 in the 100, and with a decent chance at top 2. Also, if you look at Grevers’ career, he has the endurance and training to do a semi swim and a finals swim.

          Agnel’s split was the second fastest textile of all time btw.

      • underwater says:

        You have no idea if Grevers would have actually held off Agnel… nobody in the world know for sure. That’s just your opinion.

      • ZYNG43 says:

        Lilliana you just love every chance you can get to criticize Troy

        • Liliana says:

          Please…couldn’t care less for Troy. I’m just sad that Phelps, Adrian and Grevers (in prelims) had amazing swims that never materialised into a gold medal.

    • aswimfan says:

      I agree with this.
      That was the best USA could have done on the night.

      They lost because France swam great and Agnel was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

      To take comfort… there will be some heads rolled in Australia

      • lsswim says:

        True story

      • Rafael says:

        Magnussen and Roberts for being so cocky of the coaches for letting them be coach?

        Australia Staff x Brazil Staff.. who is worst?

        • aswimfan says:

          Brazil is the worst of course.

          This is the third time Brazilian staff not swimming Cielo in prelims, and not getting to final.

          • DDias says:

            I have to agree.And was one of them was telling everyone how França will go under 59 in 100 breast…

          • Dasher says:

            The worst thing about the Brazilian staff is that if they didn’t swim Cielo in the morning because they didn’t think they could win a medal anyway, then they should have not entered the meet and let another country have a shot. That’s assuming that they didn’t simply screw up. It’s embarrassing. This meet is the Olympics, for crying out loud.

  137. Ole 99 says:

    Just noticed… Biedermann did not swim for Germany.

  138. Josh says:

    Agnel is not at all built like the prototypical sprinter. He’s tall and lanky but built more like a middle distance 200/400 freestyler. It looks like Lefert made the right decision to leave USC and give up his last year of eligibility to train in France for the Olympics. Their 4×200 should be very quick.

  139. Philip Johnson says:

    The only way Magnussen can redeem himself for this catastrophic failure is to win gold in WR time in the 100. but that is now under question. It just goes to show you it doesn’t matter what you swam five months ago, it’s about now at the Olympics.

    • Rafael says:

      Agnel look good now..

      Adrian who was the least observable contender show he can put up some fight

      magnussen is now under question

      Roberts probably won´t medal.

      Cielo did not swim..

      What was Hayden split on the morning?:

    • ZYNG43 says:

      Even if Mag pulls off a WR ppeople in Australia are gonna be pissed he didnt do his best when the team needed him to

  140. 400imer says:

    Quit alain bernarding lochte. Agnel had a great swim.
    Just like 4 yrs ago with lezak. I doubt greevers could have beaten agnel . He was on. As said greevers doesnt train multiple events

  141. Andre Lucena says:

    Cielo look at everything from a distance. More confident for 100m free. Magnussen´s mental test. Cielo x Magnussen x Agnel x Adrian

  142. DanJohnRob says:

    The GOOD news is: the US WON a silver medal (they didn’t lose a gold, it was never theirs); the US is 8/8 medals per events swum; the rumors of Phelps’ demise are pre-mature (which bodes well for multiple events); the US now has a good chance for medals in 50/100 free with Adrian/Jones swimming faster than at Trials; Lochte showed more sprint speed than he did at Trials (which bodes well for multiple events); AND we have the top seed who might flirt with the 100 back WR tomorrow because he wasn’t expected to overexert himself today! That’s a lot of upside! I wonder if Vollmer would have won and set a WR today if she had been in the 400 FR yesterday? I question whether she would have. Frankly, the US was lucky in 2008, and if we could only win one 400 FR, 2008/2012, I’m glad it was 2008! Agnel far exceeded my expectations for his freestyle sprinting abilities! The 200 free tomorrow IS going to be the race of the century!

    • John Sampson says:

      Your positive comments are quite refreshing in this sea of negetivity! Thank you!
      It seems like everyone is expecting the US to dominate…when really those days are over. The world has caught up, and it’s nice to see the Americans being pushed by outside nations! I’m all for diversity.

      I’m wondering what the landscape would look like if phelps would’ve dropped the the 400 IM and kept the 200 fr.

      • DanJohnRob says:

        Thanks John. I’m not so sure he would have won a medal in the 200 free, but it would have made the event even more exciting, and one to remember for the ages! Actually, I think it’s great that so many countries are performing SO WELL! Did anybody notice there will be eight nations represented in the men’s 200 free? This is one of the most exciting Olympic swim meets I’ve ever seen; you have no idea what will happen!

  143. DDias says:

    Craig Oh!Lord ripped a new one on brazilian coaches about decision to put Cielo out of 4×100 relay.hahaha…

    Olympics is always amazing…some chokes, some underperform,some overperform, new talents arise…

    It looks Emily is in another level right now.
    Ruta looks really good.

  144. Ole 99 says:

    Looking ahead to the future a bit. Is Morozov expected to make the switch to the US after the olympics?

  145. drdov says:

    Why oh why is Phelpsy not in the individual 100m free??
    After Beijing i really thought he would’ve and should’ve concentated on the 100
    Based on all tonights lead offs and splits shows what he can achieve in the 100

  146. Lithi says:

    Van der Burgh’s dedication to Dale Oen put tears in my eyes. Nuff said.

  147. jz says:

    Grevers could not have gone 47.2…. so we all need to stop the Lochte bashing. France won the race USA did not lose the race. Nobody chocked. They got outraced. Crawl back into you hole and keep you cool. A silver is a great place for this or any team the USA could have put out for this final.

    • lv2srf95 says:

      You can’t say Grevers couldn’t go 47.2 unless he was actually in the same position as Lochte and inside the moment of anchoring the USA relay. Since we can’t go back in time, we will never know what Grevers could’ve done.

    • Shawn says:

      Lochte does not deserve the blame, but the coaching staff does. Lochte did all he could, but it wasn’t enough.

  148. Melsy says:

    @Rafeal – Cseh didn’t blame Phelps at all for missing the 400IM final you idiot. He said it was a mistake to go and stay with him as he thought their pace was faster. He blamed himself saying that he should have pushed the backhalf or the race and been agressive. Get your facts straigth

  149. Peter says:

    Lochte dominated the 400IM, but it was an incredibly weak field. How weak? Phelps and/or Bowman looked around and Phelps was like a heavyweight champ coming out of retirement after seeing all the tomato cans vying for the belt. With about 6 months of training, and 6 seconds slower than his best time, Phelps still was in contention for a medal.

    This is all on the coaching staff. Lochte dominating a weak 400 IM is not a ticket to the 4X100 free relay. Would they have won with Greevers or someone else? Who knows, but the coaches’ job was to put the best 4 out there with the best change to succeed. Lochte was not the right choice.

    Greevers gets a couple of style points for not going all Hope Solo on the coaching staff after that race.

    • Shawn says:

      Agreed, lochte was the wrong choice in this relay. Troy will be questioned on his decision for a while.

    • splash says:

      The USA shouldn’t be losing relay events. Questioning the decision is 20/20 hindsight and I don’t think we’re in a position to judge from across the Atlantic. What a momentum breaker for Lochte.

    • Kyle says:

      Weak 400 IM field? When was the last time 4 people went under 4:10 in the same race?

  150. Jg says:

    I have not seen the Oz media & refuse to after their treatment of Liesel Jones.

    Regarding Magnussen -I noticed that his squad mate was almost 10 secs behind his trials time in the 400 im . That was not a good sign for Brant Bests squad .

    I started having some doubts .

    However I am more of a fan of the girls & this has not changed my opinion . I was hoping to admire the men a bit more but not on this outing yet. Christian did well but then again he trains with the girls.

  151. aswimfan says:


    Kirsty Coventry, 2004 Athens: 200 back (gold), 100 back (silver), 200 Im (bronze)

    there you go for a swimmer with 3 individual medals of each color.

  152. gosharks says:

    Why doesn’t Team USA have a uniform suit? Everyone is wearing different things. Soni and Shanteau are in crazy colors. I loved the 2008 suits.

    • Brian says:

      Good question. Soni had the same color Carbon Pro (White/Red lined) as one of the Frenchmen.

      I guess with all the variations there was never a real “National” suit created.

  153. Ole 99 says:

    Based on how Agnel, Lefert and Leveaux are swimming, The men’s 4 x 200 Free relay is looking like its going to be a lot closer than one might have thought a few weeks ago.

  154. john26 says:

    In case no one is keeping score, Agnel just became the favorite for the 100freestyle, and by virtue also the 200free. That final lap was utterly overwhelming and there’s a good chance he could be under 47.5. I don’t see Lochte beating Agnel tomorrow and I feel that Sun probably has the bronze if he an swim a smart race.

    I was extremely disappointed to see Magnussen bomb out like that especially since i believed he had the _stuff_ of Thorpe, Popov, Phelps and co. His bounce-back from this will be one of the most interesting story line of the meet for me, as I TRULY believe that he has the WR within his ability.

    However, breaking that record will not redeem this team from losing a medal. I think to truly redeem, the 4×100 medley team must win, which doesn’t look likely.

    To me, whether Magnussen can win the gold medal in the 100m just became the most eagerly awaited event of the entire games.

    • aswimfan says:

      Thankfully I have Agnel as my pick for gold in 200 free, although I got him for bronze in 100, which should now be upgraded.

      But let’s see.

    • aswimfan says:

      And I am glad to be vindicated what I said all along: dropping 400 was the best and wisest decision Agnel ever made.

    • Fenster says:

      The 200 is going to be an epic race!

      I agree with you, how Magnussen backs up from this is an intriguing story. Can he redeem his disappointment a la Bernard? It will be a true test of character.

      As another post alluded to – Brant Best’s squad aren’t having a great performance here, especially after how well they performed at trials. Magnussen claimed he was stinging at the 50m mark and knew the last 50 was going to be a lot harder than usual, which is concerning to hear. It looks like he lost a bit of the easy speed we are accustomed to seeing. Trying to muscle his swims doesn’t work well for him…

      • john26 says:

        He also said he felt the morning swim was the easiest 47.3 in months

        This is hope to draw on for that he is still the #1 100freestyler in the world. Although, his aura has dramatically faded in light of tonight’s action. The time Magnussen swam tonight will probably not even place in the top 5, and I hope that there is mental coaching on to allow him to come back strong.

        Make no mistake, this relay will be unbeatable next summer (like this year), but that is completely irrelevant.

        In light of the quote from that page, I think Magnussen sitll has to get it, but it will be a tall order to answer especially since I anticipate the 48barrier will undergo an assault like a diet-100 breast. Anyways, Wednesday, despite an otherwise soft schedule, just became my most anticipated day of the week.

        • Philip Johnson says:

          i thought they were already unbeatable? lol. you gotta give credit to Adrian though. His time of 48.10 at trials was a full second what Magussen swam at his trials. he wasn’t intimated though and just stepped up to the blocks & raced. Magussen, in the eyes of many, is now vulnerable. Agnel looked very good & will give him a run for his money.

  155. Fenster says:

    You are right aswimfan, it has worked out very well for him. I always thought his stroke seemed more naturally suited to 400 rather than 200, and I never thought he’d be this swift in the 100..

  156. Allison Schmitt facebook page; filled with latest results and pictures: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Allison-Schmitt/371448396259812

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