2013 Men’s ACC Championships

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Why Coupling Motions Boost Distance Per Stroke

Have you ever noticed that leaner men or women often swim faster than bigger, stronger men or women?


Blueseventy Boosts Sponsored Swimmer Roster with Stephanie Peacock, Arlene Semeco and Sean Mahoney

Stephanie Peacock, Arlene Semeco and Sean Mahoney are new members of team blueseventy and will race in nero swimwear this season as they prepare for major competitions, including World and national championships.


Arirang: Park’s positive test a result of banned substance Nebido

South Korea’s Arirang News reports that Park Taehwan’s positive drug test was the result of a Nebido injection, a commercial drug used to treat testosterone deficiency.


3 Steps To Finding a Job When You Are a Swimmer

“I believe swimmers should have an advantage when looking for a job… Here are my top 3 suggestions to swimmers who may be entering the workforce or looking for a better opportunity.”