2013 Men’s ACC Championships

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Exciting Races to Come Over the Next Two Days at the Bergen Swim Festival

After the first day of prelims at the Bergen Swim Festival the semi-finals and finals should include some exciting racing…


Brianna Leverenz, Recovering from Surgery, Commits to Tennessee Volunteers

Brianna Leverenz, who is recovering from spinal surgery, has committed to the Tennessee Volunteers.


The Late Alexander Dale Oen Honored with Statue in Hometown

Hungarian swimmer, Daniel Gyurta, was present at the ceremony honoring the late Alexander Dale Oen, the Norwegian swimmer who tragically passed away on May 1, 2012.


The Top 9 Swimming Pool Games: #3 Sharks and Minnows

Disclaimer: SwimSwam does not endorse all of these swimming pool games. Some are dangerous. Some, which are not so dangerous, will, however, enrage lifeguards and probably get you booted from your community pool.